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Debbie Johnson, Best-Selling author of
Think Yourself Thin

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As Best-selling author of Think Yourself Thin and author of five other books, Debbie Johnson has traveled world-wide giving workshops and media interviews, on both national and local levels.

She is also a Success Trainer and has worked with sports professionals as well as businesses for thirty years with great results, using a technique she developed herself called "focused imagination." She used this technique to be successful in sales and business, then applied it to her extra forty pounds, lost it all with her technique, and has kept it off for over 25 years! She is the only expert in this unique area.

Johnson has appeared on national network television shows such as The Carol and Marilyn Show and The Other Side. Radio interviews are a natural for Johnson, who has done hundreds, from local to national levels. She has been interviewed for Cosmo, Redbook, Women's World, first for Women, Bottom Line Personal and more, including a Japanese magazine called "Uno."

Johnson presently resides in Hot Springs, South Dakota.

Suggested Media Questions

Debbie can give answers anywhere from five seconds to five minutes, according to the pace of your show and interview airtime. To make your job easier, here are some suggested questions:

1. Have you ever been overweight yourself?
2. How did you Think Yourself Thin?
3. Why do people retain or keep re-gaining weight?
4. What's your best advice for someone to start now?
5. What does the scientific world think about mind over body matter?
6. How does thinking thin really work?
7. Is it like self-hypnosis?
8. Do you have to keep doing the mental exercises for life?
9. How long does it take to see results?
10. Do you have to watch what you eat when you're thinking thin?

Here are some interesting facts about "Thinking Thin"

Diets Aren't Working!
America is getting heavier and heavier. XX size businesses are booming. Children are more obese than ever, with no hope in sight, it seems.

The 70 billion-dollar-plus-a-year diet industry keeps doing well, though dieters are not. The owners of diet businesses know they will see people continue to return and spend more money than ever. Why? Because people have not changed the subconscious program created over time by their own thoughts.

Scientific Proof:
Larry King has even showcased the newest research. Experts explained the reticular activating system (RAS)of the brain, which is stimulated by the subconscious mind's "program." Yes, we have a computer-like system in the body. Thinking Thin reprograms the computer, whhich, by the way, controls all of our body's functions, such as metabolism, digestion, glandular functions and even desires (for food, exercise, etc.)

Hypnotherapy experts tell us that it takes around 28 days to form new habits. Because in that time,we are actually forming new brain tissue, new neurological pathways, like grooves in a record. Thinking Thin every day creates new habits, new pathways. Motivation then comes from the RAS, stimulated by the new subconscious program.

Laboratory Studies Showing
Mind Over Body Matter:

1. A Swedish study, published by the Eating and Weight Disorders Journal, proved positive for cognitive therapy (changing thinking) for weight loss. 43 overweight people lost an average of 17 pounds by the end of ten weeks. The control group (not doing anything differently) gained weight!

Cognitive therapy teaches people to "think like a thin person." Thinking thin does exactly that, much less expensively and much more simply, than any other method.

2. The BBC recently revealed a Wake Forest University study showing how positive thinking works to relieve pain in almost every case.

3. Cleveland Clinic researchers and biomedical engineer Guang Uue presented results of a three-year study at an annual Society for Neuroscience meeting. After twelve weeks of "mental contractions" of paralyzed muscles, participants regained 13 to 30% muscle control and strength! The brain is fooled into sending more neurons from the spinal cord to control the muscle, according to Dr. Vinod Sahgal, a fellow researcher in the study.

4.A University of Arizona study showed that people who visualized increased muscle strength added 12%. The control group gained Zero!

"Think Thin" Proof:
Besides Debbie Johnson's outrageous success of twenty-five years, many readers of Think Yourself Thin have also succeeded. Here are just a few of their testimonials:

"It's my Bible...
"This is the most valuable book I've ever read to help me understand and control my life not just my weight. I can't stop reading and re-reading it.

"I carry it with me everywhere I go. I was carrying around a lot of extra weight and tried almost everything. Including "Phen-Fen". Now with medical problems, there are a lot of things I can't do to lose weight. But this book has opened my mind to all the possibilities. I've been losing steady now for over eight months.

"My whole outlook on all areas of my life have improved greatly. I love it, I live it."

"More than just a weight loss book...
"This is the best book on weight loss that I have ever read, and believe me I've read literally dozens. I'm the master of the quick fix, and have tried most diets out there.

"This book isn't just for weight loss, it's about an all over attitude change relating to WHY the weight is there and HOW to change your mental focus towards positive thinking to get rid of the weight and keep it off. For all of you out there who, like me, have berated yourselves about your weight or have ever labeled yourself negatively because of it, this book is for you. It's helped me raise my self-esteem in a way I haven't been able to do in 20 years.

"Debbie Johnson takes you through a step by step process including affirmations, journalling with specific questions and instructions, visualization and more. She doesn't just talk around the issue, she gives concrete steps to take. No matter how much weight you'll lose, this book will also help you to accept yourself and change negative thinking into positive thinking. And you ARE what you THINK! So think THIN!

"At the end of this book, she states that this process can be used for anything - love, money, career, relationships, even other types of addictions. I believe it wholeheartedly.

"This is the best money you'll ever spend on a self-help book."
  Amazon reader

"Deep and touches the core...
"When this book first came out, I remember making fun of the title.. "yeah, right.. think yourself thin.. another one preying on the desperation of over weight individuals" .. but SOOOO not true.
'This book would not have made much sense to me had I not seen Rhonda Byrne's The Secret first. Think Yourself Thin is all about the law of attraction and it helped me to see how it was I put on weight after successfully keeping off with the Body For Life plan for 7 years!! My deal was self hate. I hit a low in life.. and I tend to turn it on myself.. bingo.. I started gaining weight and I didn't get it. The more weight I gained, the angrier I got at me.

"This is key for me. I've changed how I talk to myself (because of this book), am back ... and I'm slimming down for GOOD!!!"
Patricia A. Simpson

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