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Think Yourself Thin
"The Original National Bestseller"
Soar Past "The Secret" to the Ultimate
Fat Burning Miracle and
Keep the Weight Off Permanently

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Debbie Johnson
Best-selling author of
Think Yourself Thin

Fellow dieter,

I have a quick question:
Exactly how many diets have you tried?

Debbie Johnson has tried a few diets. Debbie felt like a walking sponge for calories. She was sure they could move through the air and stick to her. She felt like she could gain weight just by smelling food. Debbie gained 40 pounds trying different diets.

She says, "My self-esteem was so low I could barely scrape myself off the floor. I lost weight on dozens of diets only to regain it all and more, as soon as I started eating normally. My repeated failures at dieting were very damaging to my self-image.

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Parents: Work Positively with your Overweight Children

"I wondered if I would ever have the good fortune to have the body I wanted.

"I had no idea that my own thoughts were secretly perpetuating the fat every minute of every day!

"I've been at the top in sales and marketing for every company I've worked for. I realized I could apply the same techniques for sales success to my weight. This incredible solution caused me to lose 40lbs and I've kept it off for 25 years!

"I will share all my secrets with you in my book, Think Yourself Thin."

Debbie Johnson

The Media Pays Attention
to Debbie Johnson

Debbie has been interviewed and the book featured on:

UPN Newscope - National TV News interview.
Recovery Row - National TV News interview.
Cosmopolitan - Magazine Book review.
Good Day Oregon - UPN TV News interview.

Your Health - Magazine article on book.
AM Northwest - ABC regional TV interview.
Good Day USA - National Radio interview.
Victoria Jones Show - National Radio interview.

Redbook Magazine - Interviewed for part of article
on dieting after holidays.
Laura Lee Show - National Radio interview.
Whole Life Expo - Workshops
Daybreak - Bay Area NBC TV interview.

Woman's World Magazine - Article based on book.
Bottom Line Personal - Article from interview.
First for Women Magazine - Interview with author.

David Essel Alive - National Radio interview.
Noon News and AM News - Las Vegas (NBC and CBS)

Debbie Johnson, Best Selling Disney Author (Hyperion Books)

This revolutionary book, Think Yourself Thin was originally introduced to the public in 1987. This may have you thinking the information contained in book is old news. That it is some kind of rehash not worthy of your time. Not so.

You see, the concepts explained in this book were way ahead of their time. Even so, at least 100,000 people have read and enjoyed the benefits of these wise and powerful principals. Let me explain.

The concepts and principals discussed in the book are just now being understood by the general public. Only now, because of "the Secret", is the public consciousness ready for the self-enabling power this book brings forth.

That is why we are releasing this revised version of Think Yourself Thin, at this time. As good as the original was, this book puts it all together like no other. There's no fluff or extraneous information you don't need. Just the quickest easiest route to a thinner you.

This is a powerful, life-changing document!

Whoever reads this book will finally have control over their weight, forever. This is not a diet! Ever notice the word diet comes from the root die? Think about it, diets are not good for you.

On a diet, most people just regain their weight loss and then add a couple more pounds on top of it. It's a vicious cycle. They yo-yo up and down over the years adding a little more each time. Years latter, they are heavier than when they originally started.


"It really works. It really does work! I was simply amazed at the results I got right away!"
Lynn Henninger
Minneapolis, MN Office Manager

"This works for more than just weight control. It works for anything you want to accomplish in life."
Jacksonville, FL Stock Broker

"After I lost all the weight, thinking thin, everybody said not only did I look thinner but that I also looked younger."
C. Smithy
Minneapolis, MN Paralegal

All Those Diets and Diet Programs

We have been told over the years to not eat certain things, to cut down on calories, fat or carbs. Notice how no one can come to agreement on what should be cut out? Could it be because none of them actually work long term?

Those few that do succeed are constantly being tested by those yummy foods they know will add on pounds. It's a regular test of will power and discipline, a struggle.

Is that how you want to go through life?

Setting aside the emotional costs. Let's consider for a moment the monetary cost of many diets. There are special diet foods of every description, diet patches, diet drinks, diet programs that run the gamut and MLM programs built just for the diet industry.

You may think all of this is for your benefit. That they care about you and are working very hard to help you. Well...

We are talking about a 58 billion-dollar market that no one, in the industry, wants to go away. It's built around the hopes, worries, self-esteem and more of the over- weight and or obsessed public. They will tell you just about anything to have you running from program to program. Sorry to be so blunt, but it's true.

Most people try a diet product for about 4 months, then move on to another. This means big bucks for the diet industry.

Here's an idea, NEVER go on another diet again!

With the re-release of this revolutionary book and the now ready consciousness of the people, the diet industry is going to have to find something else to sell.

If you have heard of or seen the movie "the Secret," and you read Debbie's book. You will understand that the author Debbie Johnson, knew "the Secret" in 1977! She has been successfully teaching it through private coaching and workshops for years.

Debbie's book goes beyond "the Secret"‚ by giving a deeper, and yet simpler, explanation of just how the mind works. Debbie received a phone call one day from someone that has "the Secret" movie. They said "I've got the Secret, but haven't figured out how to use it for my weight loss, I must have your book!"

You are not what you eat, you are what you think!
Unfortunately Most People Program the Subconscious for Failure

By properly programming your mind, your mind will override and overcome wrongful eating habits. This will not result in a mental battle of the will, but a gentle reprogramming of the minds mental habits.

This is not just about the "Law of Attraction," this even deeper and more powerful than that. This is about tapping into the power of Soul, this is the "Law of Creativity." You have the power to control your weight without diet supplements, diet pills, fad diets or extreme exercise.

This power, DOES NOT come from the force of your will, it comes from love. You read that right, it's love.

Do you see how powerful this is?

You will need to be very careful with this. When Debbie initially made this discovery she lost too much weight! 40 pounds total. She had to do a reversal to stop the weight loss!

That was 25 years ago and Debbie has kept her ideal weight ever since. What's ideal for Debbie? She loves to ballroom dance wearing a sexy top and skirt with a bare midriff! By the way Debbie is 55 but looks 35.

In the book you will read how Debbie thought her stomach flat so that you can do the same.

Here's a quote from the book;
"I ate what I wanted, even ice cream at midnight, and listened to my body for the most part. I love butter, I ate lots of avocado, and other high fat foods! I was tuning in and found out from a doctor latter that I was doing what was right for me."

Here's what others have to say about the book:

"If someone had told me I could read a book. Use my imagination, completely alter my perception of myself and become thin, I wouldn't have believed them.

But, some amazing things have happened to me in the past two weeks. I resisted being active due to fatigue and being overweight. Now I'm going swimming, loading bikes onto the car, ice skating, and I dragged the rowing machine out of basement!

Candy bars don't look as appealing, I am now content with two bites instead of eating more. Most importantly, I'm now accepting me for who I am which is the best gift I can give myself. Many thanks!"
Carol Parker
Oakland, CA

"...your book, HOW TO THINK YOURSELF THIN, was the catalyst to take concrete steps to getting my self-esteem and girlie figure back. The love and compassion you have for your fellow woman comes comfortingly across in your book.

I am a strong case example (her emphasis) that you grow into your self-image. I am so excited that I have a body that I finally appreciate. I have lost 15 pounds already, my body is shrinking and I feel so good!!!"
Sally Sima Nishti
San Clemente, CA

"I've been working with THINK YOURSELF THIN for the past two weeks with no need for will power, and you tend to really, truly act like this thin person!(her emphasis) I've lost inches. My tummy is flatter. Food actually tastes better, and I need less. I have control!"
Judy Hudson
Los Angeles, CA Emergency Room Secretary

"I am applying your suggestions from HOW TO THINK YOURSELF THIN and I believe it is having some effect. You have something there!"
Rosella Leasure
San Diego,CA Retired English Teacher

" I already feel better after having spoken with you the other day. I KNOW (his emphasis) I have lost some weight. I am on pg. 14, sitting straighter already learning to become my own friend."
Phoenix, AZ Bookstore owner

"..familiar with visualization, etc. However, your key Image has put a different spin on it all and brought everything together for me- I'm losing weight! And loving myself more!"
Betsy Stamnas
Catansville, MD Nutritional Distributor

"What you say is of the truth...Medically, the information is accurate. I see this every day."
Paul Van Camp, MD
Yakima, WA

Debbie's book will walk you step-by-step through the process.

With so many years of experience, plus the success stories from her readers, Debbie has this down to a science. There's no fluff to wade through, just clear and concise, easy to follow information. Debbie's discovery must be awfully powerful, because she has offered a money back guarantee from day one, and in 20 years no one has ever requested a refund!

That same guarantee is now being offered to you.

Money Back Guaranteed

Try Debbie's "Think Yourself Thin" for 8 weeks.

If by that time you don't feel and look thinner, your thoughts and eating habits haven't changed for the better, Debbie will give you a full refund.

It's that simple!



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Your success is assured, you have nothing to lose, except the weight!

Actually you will also let go of any emotional torment or baggage attached to your weight issue. You'll also be saving money because you will never buy a diet anything ever again! You will shake your head in disbelief at the diet industry and you'll have compassion for those who haven't learned your secret.

In "Think Yourself Thin" you will learn:

  •   How certain negative thoughts we hold can make us fat!
  •   The proper use of imagination.
  •   How to stay focused with very little effort.
  •   How to lose fat while you sleep!
  •   How and why you can keep the weight off forever.
  •   How powerful you are as Soul.
  •   This is NOT done by hypnosis.

Debbie wants to do all she can for you, to help you be successful. Life should be joyous and rich. To that end, along with her ebook Think Yourself Thin, Debbie is giving you two great bonuses. See below for a brief description.

Bonus #1

  •   Regain the feeling of joy and wonder in your life.
  •   Blow away old beliefs about getting old.
  •   Prevent ageing diseases.
  •   Have fun while doing it.

  • Discover the secret to controlling the big computer in your body that controls your health, youth and longevity. The perfect companion to Think Yourself Thin!

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    The total value of all three ebooks is $50.95!

    "I'm so pleased you are going to give my ebook a try.

    "It has helped so many others recreate themselves and find new joy in life. I know you'll be delighted with the results.

    "My other ebook Think Yourself Young and the helpful ebook Healing Foods are my gift to you.

    Best Wishes,

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    Parents: Work Positively with your Overweight Children with this New eBook
    from Debbie Johnson:

    Forget Willpower;
    Try Fun Family Fitness with Focused Imagination

    From Oprah's frequent guest, Dr. Chris Northrup regarding newest version of book:
      "Think Yourself Thin is a classic years ahead of its time. It's wisdom is as relevant now as when it was first published."
                      Christiane Northrup, M/D., author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

    And from Dr. Hyla Cass, well-known author:
      "I have seen, and research validates, the power of the mind to heal. That is, if you believe you will get well, stronger or healthier, you will! In this book, Debbie Johnson gives parents a step-by-step solution for their children that truly works in attaining these goals."
                      Hyla Cass, M.D. author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health

    * The Obesity Epidemic -- Why Parents Want to Take Action

    * What Really Controls Your Child's Weight and Health?

    * Why Focused Imagination Works

    * How You Can Use Focused Imagination to Create Positive
       Changes for You and Your Children

    * Feel Good about Yourself and Your Child with a Positive,
       No-diet, no-willpower Method, based on Think Yourself Thin

    * The Same Bonus Books You'd Get with Think Yourself Thin will
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